The Credibility to Clients Code

The Credibility to Clients Code

The elusive holy grail when it comes to consistently getting quality clients.   For years, professionals, service providers and business owners have been seeking that elusive edge in the market. Yet with the arrival of the internet and social media, your consumers can, with the simple click of a mouse, compare you with your closest

How to sell your services for more

Sell Programs, Not Pieces Too many people are stuck in a rut or are fixated on charging as a form of ‘cost recovery’. Thinking, if I do this for so many hours or perform a certain service, then I should be paid “x” amount. In truth, a client in most cases doesn’t care how long

Finding your real purpose

  Purpose: Noun. The cause or belief that inspires you to do what you do “If you have a strong purpose in life, you don’t have to be pushed. Your passion will drive you there.”  ~ Roy T. Bennett When I talk about purpose I am not talking about some weird hippy spiritual concept that you

Creating your positioning DNA

  Position: Noun. High standing, important status. “Your perceived position predicts your profits” Steve Brossman 2011 Let me begin with positioning at its most simple and day-to-day level. Picture this: when you are in a group of people, perhaps at a networking event and the general question is asked, “What do you do?” how many times

Attracting Long Term, High Level Clients

Having been a competitive sportsperson since the age of 7, to the level of winning State and National titles, as an adult I’ve had my fair share of sports coaches.     Sadly, a serious back injury brought my career to a sudden halt leaving me to find another avenue to feed by hunger for

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