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  Impact Training Corporation (ITC) is made up of a team of world-class consultants who deliver Sales, Communication, Sales Management, Leadership and Conflict Resolution workshops that are combined with Coaching, Mentoring and Implementation sessions. These are the catalyst to implementing all new skills, strategies and create positive changes in business.   Since 1993, ITC has

Want More Sales?

Selling Fact: There’s not much in business more sales won’t fix   Impact Training has been global leaders in sales training for over two decades and is the longest servicing, multi-award winning sales consultancy in Australasia, having trained and mentored 5 clubs and studios of the year. Impact is the first training consultancy to successfully


Fix the big problems to make the big bucks!

Sales expert Steve Jensen explains how to make sales in a start-up business. Most people think the key to succeeding in business is having a great product or service. But guess what? People don’t actually buy a product or a service; instead, what they actually buy is the feeling that they believe your product or service

Be Different & Inspire More Sales

When it comes to selling fitness successfully, one thing is for sure, if you want to close more sales it has now become essential that salespeople and personal trainers who are wanting to make sales must know what they are talking about and be perceived as a Fitness Expert so they can inspire hope into the prospect.       Speaking in general terms has

The Fitness Industry is coming full circle

Many people say, and I must agree, that it’s important – and it’s good for us – to take a few moments every now and then to reflect.      We are all so busy these days, with days, weeks, months and years just seeming to disappear! In fact for me, it feels like just yesterday when I made the decision to begin my journey into what was then a virtually non-existent world of health and fitness. But,

Impact Training & Steve

Impact Training is a team of sales and communication specialists whose teachings will profoundly and positively impact both your professional and personal life. Impact Training We Specialise in training and coaching people in the skills Inspirational Selling Skills, Sales Management, Leadership, Communication & Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Training, Coaching & Implementation. In House, Online

Meet Steve

Hi everyone I’m Steve Jensen (also known as “Dr J”), and I’m the Founder and Managing Director of Impact Training Corporation (ITC). At ITC we specialise in designing, fixing, and streamlining sales systems. We work with businesses of all sizes, from individual sole traders, all the way through to multi-site chains and franchises. We deliver

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