While you were asleep: Trump flays critics, Glover murders musician, NYC fights ban

While you were asleep: Trump flays critics, Glover murders musician, NYC fights ban

Stupidity again dragged its feet over the landscape, with the Trump family not understanding society, Donald Glover killing a man and the people of New York getting petty as only they absolutely can.

While you were asleep: Pint saves London, McEnroe serves Court, Greizmann staying put

Monday. Stay away from her, you bitch. Good news however, as a man and his pint saved London, John McEnroe entered the SSM debate and loyalty exists in the footballing world. We’re surprised too.


While you were asleep: Estimates kicks off, Taiwan legalises SSM, ABC’s football own-goal

Well bugger me with a fish fork, it’s Thursday. Huzzah. The world kept dying while you were recharging, which featured an argument at the estimates, Taiwan saying yes to gay marriage and an unholy clusterboink on ABC2.


While you were asleep: Trump comes clean, Australia’s mortal wounding, Avril’s Beatle cover

This morning…is not my type of morning. Donald Trump gave us the reasons he abused our trust, we fell apart over a Bunnings sausage and Avril Lavigne became the sixth Beatle from beyond the grave. Kill me.


#AusPol winners and losers: Whose hubris is in surplus?

Budget impersonations, schoolyard hijinks and tasteful semi-nudes. It’s been a fairly normal week in the rolling seas of #AusPol. Let us wheel out the participation ribbons.

While you were asleep: WA’s funding Gonski, our press freedoms, ashes flushed at ballpark

Well. It was what it was. WA checked its bank account and swore, the duality of press freedom helped itself to our fridge, and a morbid man added to the filth in a public restroom.


While you were asleep: Cops rob memes, Japan’s luxury train, more nuclear threats

It was an evening thin on logic. Local police unearthed a meme stash, Japan launched an opulent train and North Korea made yet more nuclear threats. Go back to sleep. You’re dreaming. Sleeeeeeep.

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