How to be #1 on Google search

There’s no magic bullet, but you can take strategic steps to reach the top of the search listing pile     As the saying goes, the best place to hide a dead body… is the second page of Google search results. It is sad but true that this is one place people never look. A

How to create Facebook ads that convert

With Facebook’s organic reach diminishing, find out how to get more results from your paid advertising     This year, Facebook has made it harder for brands to reach their followers organically, which basically means you have to pay to play. In a way, this is a good thing. The change has cut out the

7 quick tools to make social media easier

You may have read my post from earlier in the year which examined whether or not your business needs social media. The comments from that still stand: if you’re not ready and willing to commit to a strategy, create great content and measure your results, you may as well not even bother setting up accounts.

New Business Owner? This is how you network

Meet people, gain clients, right? Well, not quite. There’s a specific technique to successful networking. If you’re a new business owner, arming yourself with a bunch of business cards and heading to your nearest networking event might seem like a fail-safe strategy to draw in new leads. The problem is, you may encounter a room

Should you ditch social media for your business?

Despite what you may have heard, social media isn’t a magic potion when it comes to winning business.   Are you freaking out because your business isn’t all over social media? Depending on what you have to offer, you may actually be able to let yourself off the hook. For businesses which have a very

Five clever ways to win clients online

Stop looking at cat videos and start using the internet to ramp up your business success      Calling all customers! The internet is a powerful tool to draw business your way but you have to be strategic in order to cut through the noise and stand out from the crowd.   Leverage the internet for

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