Anne Susskind

Mandela’s ally to touch down in Melbourne to discuss South Africa’s struggle

Nicholas Wolpe counted Nelson Mandela as a close friend, but he knows that South Africa's apartheid still speaks volumes about today. He is touching down in Melbourne and Sydney to articulate his viewpoint.

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While you were asleep: Trump comes clean, Australia’s mortal wounding, Avril’s Beatle cover

This morning…is not my type of morning. Donald Trump gave us the reasons he abused our trust, we fell apart over a Bunnings sausage and Avril Lavigne became the sixth Beatle from beyond the grave. Kill me.

Survival of the Fittest: 5 Reasons Why Redheads are Scientifically Superior

Let’s face it; redheads have had it pretty hard. Most of us can admit to holding our hands above our ginger friends’ hair in winter or asking if their favourite Harry Potter character was a Weasley.  But it turns out that the blondes vs brunettes argument has officially been settled, with scientists indicating that your