Xavier Toby

New Year’s Eve, New Year’s blahfest

Is that Xavier Toby taking a nap post NYE...? Read on to find out
New Year's Eve brings with it that perennial feeling of "On this night, you need to have the most unbelievably epic time ever or you’re a loser." Reality – it’s easily the most overrated party night of the year. In my opinion though, any party that’s rated at all usually turns out to be a turkey. So did you have a good one? Well I did, and I reckon I’ve finally ... Read the full article
Xavier Toby

Xavier Toby is a writer and comedian. His debut comedic non-fiction book about six months on a mining site 'Mining My Own Business' is available through UWA Publishing (http://uwap.uwa.edu.au/books-and-authors/book/mining-my-own-business). For more writing, upcoming performance details and some embarrassing photos check out his website.