Michelle Grattan

“One and done” tax plan renews what we fear most: needless political drama

Pauline Hanson is in a tizzy over tax and the ALP was dragged on Insiders. Again, the conversation regarding an important election issue is hamstrung by the wrong questions being asked. 

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Michelle Grattan

Michelle Grattan is one of Australia's most respected political journalists. She has been a member of the Canberra parliamentary press gallery for more than 40 years, during which time she has covered all the most significant stories in Australian politics. As a former editor of The Canberra Times, Michelle Grattan was also the first female editor of an Australian daily newspaper. She has been with the Australian Financial Review, The Sydney Morning Herald and Political Editor of The Age since 2004. Michelle currently has a dual role with an academic position at the University of Canberra and as Associate Editor (Politics) and Chief Political Correspondent at The Conversation.

Raise the rate: The AUWU’s Jeremy Poxon talks welfare

Jeremy Poxon of the Australian Unemployed Workers’ Union (AUWU) talks about the harsh realities that welfare recipients face, and why those in power do not seem to care.

Pulling the veil back on the amoral financial sector

Seldom do we get a peek into the greater evil workings of the financial sector, and now we have two. Both of these books matter, because they confirm the worst of our suspicions.