Helen Hodgson

There’s only so much a class action against robo-debt can achieve

Yesterday, a class action suit was launched against the government's robo-debt program. However, there is only so much we can impact the system.

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Helen Hodgson

Helen Hodgson is an expert in Taxation, based at the Curtin Law School. Her research is in the areas where tax and social policy intersect: superannuation; housing and inequality. She has contributed significantly to policy review in the areas of superannuation and the tax and transfer system. Helen has been teaching taxation law in business and law schools since 1989, and joined the Curtin Law School in 2014. Her areas of teaching include superannuation, capital gains tax and the taxation of trusts and companies. She is the Director of Graduate Studies for the Curtin Law School, and has previously held research and teaching leadership positions at Curtin and UNSW. Helen was also a Member of the Legislative Council in Western Australia between 1997 and 2001. Helen holds qualifications in accounting, business law and taxation, is a Fellow of the Australian Society of CPA’s and a Chartered Tax Advisor. She is a member of the ACOSS Tax and Superannuation Advisory Group, and a Director and Member of the Social Policy Committee of the National Foundation for Australian Women.