In a week where we’ve been calling for media balance, Channel 7 has done this

After a week where many have called for greater diversity in our media, Channel 7 has wheeled out their coverage team for the upcoming state election. Clearly, they're not listening.

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Mellek Steel is a blue-collar schmo who traded the city in for the bush. Alongside his inability to write a gripping bio, he's keen on fishing and whatever footy team is presently losing the most.


Anti-Berejikilian live music protest expects 50,000

Tonight, those opposed to the Berejikilian government’s moves against live music will hit the streets. According to one festival organiser, they’re expecting as many as 50,000 to register their complaint.


How celebrity non-experts change the way we think

One of the greatest crimes of the internet is the elevation of famous faux-experts. But there’s a reason why Gwyneth Paltrow continues to cash in.