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Study: Merely sniffing coffee makes you more alert

We need coffee to live, yes, but one study believes that we don't actually need to drink it to reap the benefits.

    Coffee, the ambrosia of the gods, the band-aid keeping my life together. ... Read the full article

Long Reads: NYPD persecuting the innocent, MJ’s chimp and 1970s sterilisation

A retro flair imbues Richard Jackson’s Long Reads this week, with NYPD abuse of minorities, MJ’s chimp, Bubbles, and forced sterilisation techniques.


Long Reads: The Cruz missile, difficulties of space travel and the act of killing

Stretch out for Long Reads Sunday as Richard Jackson exposes the forked tongue of Ted Cruz, kills for the sake of killing and explores the final frontier.


Long Reads: When Penn met Chapo, the Rad head of Tinder and the political backers from Wall Street

Long Reads highlights Sean Penn’s disappointment in his own article, the showy aesthetic of Tinder’s HQ and a Wall Street cash cow who has risked the farm.