Richard Jackson

Long Reads: Prison, gentrification in LA, eccentricity

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Richard Jackson's Long Reads this week focuses on the first step out of prison, LA race battles and the world's most eccentric mathematician.

  You just got out of prison. Now what? – Jon Mooallem (NY ... Read the full article

Current Affairs Wrap: Ray Martin, Q&A inquiry, The Environment

In this week’s current affairs wrap, the returning Michael Burrill questions Ray Martin’s credentials to scope Q&A, and the blurring line between Abbott and Shorten.   As I return from a fortnight in which I undertook a deep and independent review of my life (it was found to be deeply inadequate, as usual), the fallout

Long Reads: Disciplining Children, Prison Food and Spousal Murder.

  Restriction is the recurring theme in this week’s Long Reads featuring: Prison Food, Children and the Ex-Ex-Wife.   What it’s like to actually eat the food in Oakland County Jail – Stephen Katz (Detroit Metro Times)   It’s difficult to defend prisoners or have sympathy when they are in uncomfortable living situations, because we want

Long Reads: Loneliness, Refugees, Pro-Marriage

A man’s self-imposed Exile into the wild, and an amazing refugee mystery features in this week’s Long Reads.  Alone – Same Parker (Esquire) “What is human history, if not the story of man slowly becoming less alone?” Probably my favourite article that I have read in a while. I think a lot of us feel alone

Long Reads: Sepp Blatter, the Clintons, Russia’s news manipulation

Richard Jackson’s weekly #longreads: the journalist who undid Sepp Blatter, Russia’s distortion of the news and the Clinton’s $2 billion global empire.

Long Reads: Bernie Sanders, the Unclimbables, Shia in Iraq

Rich Jackson’s weekly #longreads: how the press ended Bernie Sanders’ run for presidency, the unclimbables of north-west Canada, and the two-facedness of ISIS and revival of Shia in Iraq.

Long Reads: Tesla, radioactive waste, animal protection and Mong La

From Tesla and SpaceX to animal protection endangering humans, Rich Jackson presents TBS readers the internet’s #longreads worth reading this week.