Carmen Angerer

We need to talk about our women’s movement and white privilege

Despite our best intentions, the gap between the women's movement in this country bridged by white privilege is fundamentally flawed. And we're all guilty of it. Including myself.

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Carmen Angerer

Carmen Angerer is a Melbourne writer, who works as a digital marketer by day and reads books all night. She's currently writing her first novel and spends her life being fascinated by the human condition and the deliciousness of garlic dip. You can find more of her work at


The removal of Palestine by Google Maps

Why you can’t find Palestine when you search Google Maps.     If you search for Palestine on Google Maps, you won’t find it. Palestine, the name most continuously used for the territory lying between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea from the fifth century BCE, is labelled Israel. Protestors in the Middle East, and