Tanya Levin

A love letter to the gay community: We are still family

After my marriage fell apart, I fell into the company of those on Oxford Street. In no small way, that community saved me. I was no longer weird, I was somebody.

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Tanya Levin

Tanya Levin is an author, social worker and mother, and other things that involve telling people what to do. She hopes the siesta will soon be part of the Australian working day.

The ‘Yes’ voter: We might be on the right side of history, but we can be ignored in the present

I’ve voted, had my say, and made my voice heard. However we who vote Yes should not forget that we could easily be ignored, and all the pain and hurt would be for nothing. I hope I’m wrong.

We need to talk about our women’s movement and white privilege

Despite our best intentions, the gap between the women’s movement in this country bridged by white privilege is fundamentally flawed. And we’re all guilty of it. Including myself.


The Australian condition: Brown Poppy Syndrome

There’s a pattern that seems to repeat in this country. Whenever a minority proudly stands for Australia, white Australians immediately bite back.


Pay gap walks with gap in reported logic

I read a recent article that called for the banning of the stay at home mum to close the gap, however I believe the questions are deeper and more numerous than a solitary clickbait headline.