Paul Gregoire

What the nation agreed to when they elected Scott Morrison

Now that the die has been cast, I think it might be best if we examine exactly what we've signed up for.

    The ex-immigration minister presented himself as Read the full article
Paul Gregoire

Paul Gregoire is a Sydney-based journalist and writer. He has a focus on civil rights, drug law reform, gender and Indigenous issues. Along with Sydney Criminal Lawyers, he writes for VICE and is the former news editor at Sydney’s City Hub.

We know what a Shorten government would look like – The same can’t be said for Morrison

We know who will be doing what in the Shorten government, whereas Morrison’s cabinet merely looks like a collection of holes to be filled.     Jumping beyond May 18, we know a good deal more about how a Shorten government ministry would look than the shape of a re-elected Morrison government. A rash of

Our own Watergate: A deluge of scandal our media ignored

Our Watergate sees water bought with taxpayer funds, filtered through a Cayman Island company owned by sitting politicians. Yet, our media has been reticent to cover it. Why?