Ingeborg van Teeseling

Nicolas Baudin: The man we feared would help Napoleon invade NSW

Cross-dressing stowaways, inadvertent world records, and clandestine agents working for Napoleon Bonaparte. The French quarter of colonised Australia was wild.

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Ingeborg van Teeseling

After migrating from Holland ten years ago and being warned by the Immigration Department against doing her job as a journalist, Ingeborg van Teeseling became a historian instead. She endeavours to explain Australia to migrants new and old at her website, and runs, telling people's life stories.


Hollywood’s digital world is pushing us further into the unreal

With Hollywood forever enthralled with possibilities of digital effects, reducing the age of actors (or bringing others back from the dead) firmly places us at a weird (hyperreal) crossroads.

Current Affairs Wrap: May’s day comes, Bill left outstanding, DeVito as Wolverine?

Well, what a week it was. Theresa May and Bill Shorten left their posts, but the internet desired something far kinkier.