Sue Backshall

The women who won the World Cup want to be taken seriously, Bleacher Report thinks they’re as good as ‘Top Gun’

In a now-deleted image, Bleacher Report has honoured America's winning of the Women's World Cup with a place alongside great Americans. Americans like the cast of Friends, and Tom Cruise in Top Gun.

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I’m sorry Tolstoy, I really meant to read your book – but tonight, I’m cleaning out my library

Much like Jay Gatsby, I own a library of books I’ve never read. Not that I know that, I’ve not read F. Scott Fitzgerald’s opus. Nor have I Tolstoy’s, so I fear it’s time to wage war on my own hubris.

Who doesn’t love a happy movie ending? Us, that’s who

We’re massive cinephiles here at The Big Smoke, and there’s nothing we like more than a brilliant ending. So, for no reason whatsoever, we’ve decided to share. Spoilers, obviously.