Lachlan Liesfield

Book review: Officers and Gentlemen – Evelyn Waugh

Evelyn Waugh
Evelyn Waugh book cover

Lachlan Liesfield wanders through Evelyn Waugh's lucid WW2 novel Officers and Gentlemen, which, despite it's problems, loses none of its power to drag you in.

  Officers And Gentlemen is an oddity as a war book, being less a novel of war and more one around it. Characters are thrown across continents by it, split between ... Read the full article
Lachlan Liesfield

Lachlan is an aspiring writer in any form he can lay his hands on, be that novels, screenplays, journalism, or playwriting. Currently studying a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Law double degree at Monash University, he hopes to find his way into the Arts, one way or another.

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