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“Are we nothing other than pawns?” Three more attempt suicide on Manus

Today, three more refugees on Manus Island attempted suicide, including one who wanted to burn himself alive outside the immigration office.

    Over the weekend, a refugee on Manus Island, one who ... Read the full article

Mobile Wallets and Customer Loyalty

Today, there are over 6 billion mobile phone users worldwide. The landscape of technology is changing as things become more digitised. There is an increasing demand for speed and efficiency in the way we carry out everyday tasks. This digitisation has transformed the way businesses and consumers operate, revolutionising marketing, advertising, media strategies and business

What is loyalty?

Simple question, multiple answers.   Working in the loyalty industry means that I am constantly rediscovering, re-evaluating and reinventing what the definition of loyalty means to me. Loyalty itself can represent a multitude of things to different people, so perhaps it is best if one first reviews the true definition of loyalty, otherwise how do