George Freney

Meet an Innovator: George Freney from Booodl


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George Freney

George Freney, Co-Founder and CEO, Booodl George Freney is a digital entrepreneur who has invested in and co-founded tech startups, commercialised technology and helped build successful businesses across a range of industries including ICT, travel technology, manufacturing, and retail. George is currently Co-Founder and CEO of Booodl; the tool that makes it easy for shoppers find the right store, helps stores drive shopper visits and sales, and enables brands to increase the discoverability of their stockists. George is a big believer in creating technology that streamlines our increasingly busy lives, enhances existing human behaviour and that solves a problem, all while having fun, of course.

Beer shopping… online and with a ninja…

When we found out an Aussie company was putting consumers in a stronger position to make better shopping decisions we needed to get onto that! As it turns out, Shopping ninja saves you a few bucks on your next functional alcoholism purchase, or you know, if you have your life together enough, technology purchase… so we sent Brett Pearce to search online and report back.