Trisha de Borchgrave

All I want for Christmas: These sustainable goals for America’s fragile state

Confronting America's deeper issues means looking at it through its fragility, rather than the superpower status it cultivates.

    Moving America away from today’s incendiary disagreements over ... Read the full article

Plibersek: I applaud the Coalition’s move to protect DV victims in court, but where is the funding coming from?

I applaud the Coalition for standing up for the victims of DV in court. However, the Legal Aid professionals who will take on the task are already stretched to the limit. They need greater funding. That wasn’t part of their announcement.

Julian Burnside: Every Immigration Minister since 2002 is guilty of human rights abuses

We need to recognise that the human rights abuses of asylum seekers is our nation’s awful legacy, and Julian Burnside knows who is to blame.