Meet a CEO: Robert Commandeur – Elephant in the Room

Robert Commandeur has seen many things. Through his enterprise ‘Elephant in the Room’ he hopes to share that knowledge and enable solutions with, and for, his clients.


Some 7,800 kilometres away from Australia lies the nation of India. Population 1.37 billion. Such an amazing colourful place and yet so many gut wrenching needs.
Over the last twenty years I have travelled to that…


You do not have to look very far to see that video is now everywhere. From funny home videos, incredible stunts filmed with GoPro’s, as well as some stunning cinematic footage of people, landscapes and nature.


Life can be tough, unfair, and at times downright overwhelming.
The pace at which things are happening these days, deadlines to meet, kids to pick up and take to ballet; 

A New India

I had for some time wanted to showcase not only the beauty, but also the real needs that exist over there. Those needs are sometimes hard to comprehend to us who live in a country that is so well off…

INDIA – so what’s the big deal?

magine a population of about 1.3 billion people. To put that in perspective, that is about four times the population of the United States (327 million), and about 52 times…

Information Is Cheap, Transformation Is Expensive: Overcoming Obstacles

‘Knowledge gained through study, communication, research, instruction, etc; factual data’.

How to be a great public speaker

Communication is a funny thing – there is much information coming at us from virtually every angle – emails, facebook, the internet, people we interact with, commercials, and so on…


I have just come back from filming a documentary in India. It is a documentary about the beauty of India, the challenges that exist and the solutions that are taking place in helping others gain a better life…

The buck stops with me – what true leadership looks like

Just do a Google search on ‘leadership’ and you will get about 1,640,000,000 results! There is so much information…

5 keys to sustainable church growth in the digital age

In recent years, the way we interact has changed a lot. Consider the 80’s and 90’s – the way we communicated was very different to what it is now…

Am I Good Enough


Yeah, we all have them to some degree, and I know from experience how they can limit you from being…

Born for More

Live big.

I remember as a child, dreaming about my future; there were no boundaries as my imagination ran wild…

How To Raise Funds In A Not For Profit Organisation

Can I be honest and open with you? How you view money – and how you view people’s attitude towards it – will determine your fundraising success.

Five Tested Ways of Motivating a Communty of Volunteers

The power of a captivated heart! Often, the cry ‘we do not have enough volunteers!’ is heard, alongside ‘we do not have enough money for this project’.

How to deal with the dark side of life

I have been a photographer and film maker for some years now. There is quite a bit involved in making a great film – things like the story, characters and the editing. In the same way,

Stopping Time

The art of living in the present

“Hey dad, have a look at this English project I did at school!”

“Let mum have a look at it,” said dad, obviously distracted..

How to change the culture in your organisation

It’s all about seagulls…

Have you found that certain work places have a particular culture? It is the way customers are greeted? The way a client is ushered into the office? Maybe it’s the way the furniture is arranged.

What you say, matters (a lot)

What is a word? It is a thought clothed with vocabulary.

I am a bit of an analytical kind of a person. I want to know how stuff works.

There is so much information ‘out there’, it will make…

The art of staying calm

Keeping your cool during hard times. Sitting in the doctor’s office, you have been diagnosed with an illness.
The illness is not serious but does require medication. Your doctor writes out a prescription…

How to manage pressure and avoid burnout

Being intense and having a strong work ethic can lead to some unpleasant side effects.

We use the term ‘elephant in the room’ to depict that something BIG is in the room.

Problem? What problem?

The anatomy of the Ostrich.


Yeah, we all have them.

What do you want?

It all starts with a plan.

Meet the control freak.

Yep, that was me: guilty as charged.

Why “confronting” is so important to success

Beating ‘Dr. Robotnik’.

When my kids were little, they used to play a video game called ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ © SEGA.

India trip, 2018
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