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Mr Shorten, Mr Morrison: What is your plan for those in detention?

The name on the door might have changed, but the challenges those stranded in our detention centres haven’t. So, Mr Shorten, Mr Morrison. What is your plan to solve this issue?


While you were asleep: Voller fronts RC, NYT pans Australia, UCL draw released

Gah. I hate the sound of my alarm. What happened while you were asleep? Dylan Voller gave evidence at the Don Dale RC, the NYT panned our asylum seeker policy and the UCL draw was drawn.

Current Affairs Wrap: Jake Bilardi, “lifestyle choice,” children in detention

Michael Burrill’s current affairs wrap is all about “choices” – Jake Bilardi’s tragic choice of IS, PM Tony Abbott’s “lifestyle choice” for indigenous remote communities and, well, the PM’s appalling choices over asylum seeker policy.