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While you were asleep: Voller fronts RC, NYT pans Australia, UCL draw released

Gah. I hate the sound of my alarm. What happened while you were asleep? Dylan Voller gave evidence at the Don Dale RC, the NYT panned our asylum seeker policy and the UCL draw was drawn.


Current Affairs Wrap: Farewell US democracy, goodbye Leonard, and everyone on social media

What an end to a week. Death for breakfast, be it the same-sex marriage plebiscite, a cherished warrior poet, or all of us on social media.

CAW: Syria’s new violent low, PNG high court ruling and an (almost) virgin birth

Good morning and welcome back to the week that was. There’s been fresh violence in Syria and the return of the show that’s apparently better than sex…

Current Affairs Wrap: Black holes, voting reversals and the best minister in the world

Rob Idol is back with his summation of the week that was and he’s not short of content; black holes, Trump’s revival and a Valentine’s gesture.