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What did we do to deserve this? Well, everything, actually

What did we do to deserve this? Well, everything, actually

Our climate apocalypse, kids in cages, Boris Johnson steering Brexit. Many people are wondering what we did to deserve such a bleak set of circumstances. Well, let me tell you.


Eden-Monaro: The federal government’s regional good neighbour policy

The Morrison government is looking to protect our greatest asset, the bush, and Eden-Monaro’s Fiona Kotvojs is leading the charge for rural Australians.     There’s nowhere like the Australian bush. It has a unique character and richness beyond peer. Yet there is discontent among its people. They believe the government in Canberra is prone to


Current Affairs Wrap: A postmortem on Christchurch, kids teach us a lesson, the homeless teen with 17 scholarships

What a week it was. Christchurch suffered Australian-grown terrorism, our children marched to make us see the obvious and one homeless teen beat the odds.


Current Affairs Wrap: Crimean escalation, student protest and Banks bailing on Libs

Current affairs this week: escalation in the Crimean peninsula, a racially motivated schoolyard assault, student protest against government climate change inaction, and further erosion for the Libs.