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Bernie v Kamala: Not all black votes are created equal

Bernie v Kamala: Not all black votes are created equal

Patrick A Howell and Sara Kellel examine 2020 presidential hopefuls, Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders. Both show that all “black” candidates are not created equal.


Current Affairs Wrap: Trump trumping Trump, Pauline’s headache, self-love in workplace

One week closer to Trump, and seemingly the edge of reason. The week that flew by also featured Pauline cleaning house and a radical new way to love your job. Don’t ask…


Current Affairs Wrap: Should old trauma be forgotten? Welcome back to 2016!

Happy 2017! Just a quick reminder, 2016 wasn’t that far away, and despite the ‘new year, new me’ euphoria, here’s a heavy grain of salt to add to your hangover. Sorry.


While you were asleep: 9/11 compo bill, Canada pit bull ban, MH17 downed by Russia

Morning! What happened while you were asleep? Well, Obama failed to veto a bill that would allow 9/11 victims to sue the Saudis, the MH17 investigation closed and pit bulls are now banned in Canada.

Long Reads: War correspondence, inequality, Eddy Crane

Ah, Sunday again, Richard Jackson’s Long Reads faces cold cases, war correspondence and the position of the black man in US society.

Long Reads: Barack Obama, Jose Mujica, Al Sharpton, living in “The Hole”

Rich Jackson’s #LongReads bring us Jose Mujica and Al Sharpton, Vox’s epic two part interview with Barack Obama, with PB’s narrative.ly Ed’s pick taking you into life in “The Hole”…