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Johnson’s rise is the patriarchy incarnate…change my mind

Johnson’s rise is the patriarchy incarnate…change my mind

Before Boris Johnson got the Prime Ministership via 0.13% of the British population, he attended Eton, a school that educates 6% of Britain but has produced 74% of their leaders. 

What did we do to deserve this? Well, everything, actually

Our climate apocalypse, kids in cages, Boris Johnson steering Brexit. Many people are wondering what we did to deserve such a bleak set of circumstances. Well, let me tell you.

Current Affairs Wrap: May’s day comes, Bill left outstanding, DeVito as Wolverine?

Well, what a week it was. Theresa May and Bill Shorten left their posts, but the internet desired something far kinkier.

CAW: Terror in Europe, Shorten fails at eating a sausage, motivational speech backfires

Europe once again heard the doorbell of terrorism on its doorstep, the UK continues to get worse post Brexit, and Australia voted, but we don’t have a leader.