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In removing their renewable energy target, the coalition exposes their ignorance

In removing their renewable energy target, the coalition exposes their ignorance

This week, the Coalition announced that they will not be pursuing a renewable energy target beyond 2020. This flies in the face of both logic and the realities we face.


Current Affairs Wrap: May’s awful June, Adelaide Oval flashpoint, Mozambique’s baldness cure

The cold facts of May, a pouring wave of misrepresented disrespect and the hope of all bald men differentiate this week from all the others.

Rebekah Brown: A sanitary mind to solve water treatment

Keeping water sources clean has been a problem our species has always faced, however, Australian Rebekah Brown has an ingenious and easily applicable solution, especially in the third world. Genius.

Current Affairs Wrap: Trump flames Earth, Mabo’s silver anniversary, vultures demonstrate SSM

The week that was involved two male vultures creating life, another in Washington DC risking all life and we gazed back at the Mabo decision, and our commonwealth since.

The Rockefeller who tore down the empire

Valerie Rockefeller is a divisive, transformative figure, as she’s shifting from the fossil fuels that made her family rich to renewables. But, is it a move to secure the environment, or the next income stream?

Speaking on behalf of the “anxious” generation

We, the anxious millennials, are derided for being delusional, self-centered and medicated. We, however, see this as an adequate avenue of tolerating the world being left to us.


Current Affairs Wrap: House of Brady silent, Pauline in a wetsuit and eagle drops in for lunch

In the week that was: Tragedy as a bullied teen took his life in Queensland, our most wanted terrorist arrested in Turkey and Pauline Hanson took a swim to disprove coral bleaching.