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Current Affairs Wrap: Trump flames Earth, Mabo’s silver anniversary, vultures demonstrate SSM

Current Affairs Wrap: Trump flames Earth, Mabo’s silver anniversary, vultures demonstrate SSM

The week that was involved two male vultures creating life, another in Washington DC risking all life and we gazed back at the Mabo decision, and our commonwealth since.

Current Affairs Wrap: NASA’s new system, Tony’s old bag and the greatest culinary mistake

We’re taking a week off Trump, but it was still a week to forget. Tony Abbott returned to rock the boat, and a Michelin star was mistakenly awarded. But NASA discovered a system of Earth-like planets, so there’s still hope.


Current Affairs Wrap: Trump’s first week, Australia Day protests and Doomsday Clock’s tick

Somehow we survived it: last week saw the first of Trump, our contentious national day, and a cabal of scientists claiming we’re a bit closer to annihilation.


Current Affairs Wrap: Trump trumping Trump, Pauline’s headache, self-love in workplace

One week closer to Trump, and seemingly the edge of reason. The week that flew by also featured Pauline cleaning house and a radical new way to love your job. Don’t ask…


Current Affairs Wrap: Should old trauma be forgotten? Welcome back to 2016!

Happy 2017! Just a quick reminder, 2016 wasn’t that far away, and despite the ‘new year, new me’ euphoria, here’s a heavy grain of salt to add to your hangover. Sorry.


Current Affairs Wrap: Berlin Christmas attacker closure, Leia’s trip to the dark side and our take on the tinsel

Merry Christmas to you and yours. For those looking for a dash of reality on the grandest day of all, here’s what happened in the week that was.


Current Affairs Wrap: House of Brady silent, Pauline in a wetsuit and eagle drops in for lunch

In the week that was: Tragedy as a bullied teen took his life in Queensland, our most wanted terrorist arrested in Turkey and Pauline Hanson took a swim to disprove coral bleaching.


Current Affairs Wrap: Farewell US democracy, goodbye Leonard, and everyone on social media

What an end to a week. Death for breakfast, be it the same-sex marriage plebiscite, a cherished warrior poet, or all of us on social media.

CAW: Terror in Europe, Shorten fails at eating a sausage, motivational speech backfires

Europe once again heard the doorbell of terrorism on its doorstep, the UK continues to get worse post Brexit, and Australia voted, but we don’t have a leader.


Current Affairs Wrap: Minchin vs Pell, Trump vs Pope, West vs Everyone

The war of general opinion rages on this week with a wide range of combatants and a Trump/Pope title fight. Here at the TBS Current Affairs Desk, we’re taking all bets! | Rob Idol

Current Affairs Wrap: Black holes, voting reversals and the best minister in the world

Rob Idol is back with his summation of the week that was and he’s not short of content; black holes, Trump’s revival and a Valentine’s gesture.