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200 Sad Songs: #155 David Bowie – Letter to Hermione (1966)

200 Sad Songs: #155 David Bowie – Letter to Hermione (1966)

A rare treat this week, as we delve into the vulnerability of David Bowie. It seems that coke sniffing pansexual aliens have feelings too. That’s pretty freaky.


TBS Wake: Remembering those we lost in 2016

It goes without saying that 2016 has claimed many people of genius…but we’re saying it anyway. We’ve combed the writing staff to see who they miss the most. Bring a hankie and a beverage to raise in respect.

2016: The best of times > the worst of times

The general consensus is that 2016 can eat a bag of dicks. So let’s savour other fruits before we apathetically return to the bag for 2017…

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Current Affairs Wrap: The first PM at Mardi Gras and a whole world in mourning

Rob Idol is back with his Current Affairs Wrap, which deals with the loss of three great talents, the furore of a PM at Mardi Gras and one man who is dealing with people calling 1-900 Mix-A-Lot.