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While you were asleep: “Bomber” reaches White House, Prof wants drug decriminalisation, notable cartoonist passes

Ahh, Monday…can’t wait to shirk your challenges. What happened while you were asleep? Well, the White House fell under attack from stupidity, there were renewed calls for drug decriminalisation and 2017 claimed it’s next victim.

CAS ruling: How Essendon bombed my heart

Lifelong Bombers fan Mena Soliman describes his feelings after the CAS’ Essendon doping ruling broke what was left of his fragile heart.

Medicinal marijuana: Time to remove the stigma

With the legalisation of medicinal marijuana ever closer, Rob Idol says it’s time to focus on the health benefits, not the assumed stigma.

Zoey Tur

Long Reads: Zoey Tur, the American Military, concentration camps and ganja mama

Rich Jackson’s long reads consider Zoey Tur and gender dysphoria and take us deep inside the US military…PB’s editor’s choice is about a mother’s marijuana dealer past #wackybaccymama