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Foreign policy: Predicting the path of the US war machine

The US foreign policy stereotype of “Democrats: good, Republicans: bad” is dead; so who’d be the most destabilising? And no, it’s not who you think – Nicholas Harrington

Long Reads: Anzac, uranium, genetics and the supernatural

In this week’s #LongReads, Rich Jackson brings us Douglas Grant the Aboriginal Anzac, introduces some #SCIENCE in “Do genetics determine your life?” and PB gets app kooky with “the other side”…

Long Reads: Barack Obama, Jose Mujica, Al Sharpton, living in “The Hole”

Rich Jackson’s #LongReads bring us Jose Mujica and Al Sharpton, Vox’s epic two part interview with Barack Obama, with PB’s narrative.ly Ed’s pick taking you into life in “The Hole”…