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Klaus Schwab: The man who connects the dots

Klaus Schwab: The man who connects the dots

Creator of the World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab is a subscriber to the stakeholder theory, where every company is responsible for the society around them. But is it pipe-dream altruism, or the way forward?

Artificial intelligence, and a non-binary future

The artificial intelligence-led digital revolution is upon us, and is set to change long-held habits across multiple industries. Are we right to be concerned or is it unjust paranoia?


Yuval Noah Harari: Modern history’s Nostradamus

Yuval Noah Harari is a dangerous thinker. In charting our recent past, he suggests the future will be one of technology, where we tear down religion and honour ourselves.

Speaking on behalf of the “anxious” generation

We, the anxious millennials, are derided for being delusional, self-centered and medicated. We, however, see this as an adequate avenue of tolerating the world being left to us.