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TBS First Presidential Debate drinking game

TBS First Presidential Debate drinking game

Well, the First Presidential Debate is upon us. For those who have steeled themselves to sit through it, there’s a drinking game that goes along with it. We recommend you print, then laminate the rules. You political party animals, you.

Women with guts: The invisible incline

Women in power face a continuous climb, a task made all the more arduous by their detractors’ refusal to acknowledge that the hill actually exists.

Foreign policy: Predicting the path of the US war machine

The US foreign policy stereotype of “Democrats: good, Republicans: bad” is dead; so who’d be the most destabilising? And no, it’s not who you think – Nicholas Harrington

Current Affairs Wrap: Black holes, voting reversals and the best minister in the world

Rob Idol is back with his summation of the week that was and he’s not short of content; black holes, Trump’s revival and a Valentine’s gesture.