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Hollywood’s digital world is pushing us further into the unreal

With Hollywood forever enthralled with possibilities of digital effects, reducing the age of actors (or bringing others back from the dead) firmly places us at a weird (hyperreal) crossroads.


The challenges of modern comedy: We spoke to the producer of Daddy’s Home 2

John Morris is a man with a finger on the pulse of modern comedy. Soon after he wrapped Daddy’s Home 2, we cornered him for a quick chat.

Why we should still love the art of those we now loathe

Our reaction to those responsible for sexual abuses in Hollywood has been admirable, but misguided. We should still enjoy art for art’s sake.

Current Affairs Wrap: Harvey secures his legacy, Skydiving accident claims three, Tim Cahill’s questionable gesture

Another week, another questionable set of choices. This week Harvey Weinstein became a verb, friends became past tense, and Tim Cahill (almost) became a a pariah. Almost.

Lauren Bacall

Smoke Signal: Vale Lauren Bacall

What a week we are having. After Robin Williams passed away yesterday, TBS writers got together to write tributes to his comic genius and to acknowledge the sad loss. Following that sad news is the recent announcement and confirmation by family members that Lauren Bacall, legendary hollywood movie star and Humphrey Bogarts ex-wife passed away in