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I’m sorry – I can’t fight with you until you make me equal

I’m sorry – I can’t fight with you until you make me equal

I recently discovered that the Australian Defence Force is pushing for Indigenous Australians to fight for the country overseas. Which I’m happy to do, provided you fight for us first.

When “just doing my job” becomes a crime

As we’ve learned from the United Airlines fiasco, all parties concerned were just “doing their job”. This is what happens when training gets in the way of personal accountability.


The Australian condition: Brown Poppy Syndrome

There’s a pattern that seems to repeat in this country. Whenever a minority proudly stands for Australia, white Australians immediately bite back.

NAIDOC Week: White Guilt or Right on?

  Rachel Reitsma delves into NAIDOC Week, a celebration of the custodians of our land, and a stark reminder of how much work is left to do.     5-12 July is NAIDOC week. A week solely dedicated to celebrating of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders’ history and culture. It is primarily celebrated by indigenous

Long Reads: Anzac, uranium, genetics and the supernatural

In this week’s #LongReads, Rich Jackson brings us Douglas Grant the Aboriginal Anzac, introduces some #SCIENCE in “Do genetics determine your life?” and PB gets app kooky with “the other side”…

Current Affairs Wrap: Jake Bilardi, “lifestyle choice,” children in detention

Michael Burrill’s current affairs wrap is all about “choices” – Jake Bilardi’s tragic choice of IS, PM Tony Abbott’s “lifestyle choice” for indigenous remote communities and, well, the PM’s appalling choices over asylum seeker policy.

Current Affairs Wrap: Gillian Triggs, indigenous affairs, Australian politics

Michael Burrill’s #CurrentAffairsWrap sees our PM talking-but-not-walking from #libspill, Gillian Triggs’ report on minors in detention and more ignorant bliss from Senator Jacqui Lambie.