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#AusPol winners and losers: Who’s regime reigned supreme?

#AusPol winners and losers: Who’s regime reigned supreme?

The amnesiac 1%, a Senator almost reaching professional puberty and parliament replaced by cyborgs; it was a standard week in #Auspol. But who won?


While you were asleep: Trudeau shakes Trump, Meryl for POTUS, Lambie panned by fam

Well, good morning to you. What happened while you were asleep? Well the Trump-Trudeau handshake ushered in a new era of journalism, Meryl Streep practiced for her next role and Jacqui Lambie was eviscerated by a TBS alum. Huzzah!

Current Affairs Wrap: Ray Martin, Q&A inquiry, The Environment

In this week’s current affairs wrap, the returning Michael Burrill questions Ray Martin’s credentials to scope Q&A, and the blurring line between Abbott and Shorten.   As I return from a fortnight in which I undertook a deep and independent review of my life (it was found to be deeply inadequate, as usual), the fallout

Current Affairs Wrap: Gillian Triggs, indigenous affairs, Australian politics

Michael Burrill’s #CurrentAffairsWrap sees our PM talking-but-not-walking from #libspill, Gillian Triggs’ report on minors in detention and more ignorant bliss from Senator Jacqui Lambie.


Current Affairs Wrap: Ferguson, ABC cuts, coalition of common sense, the Middle East and refugees

Michael Burrill updates TBS on the world’s news, from Ferguson to Israel, PUP and our larrikin Libs in this week’s Current Affairs Wrap.