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Long Reads: NYPD persecuting the innocent, MJ’s chimp and 1970s sterilisation

Long Reads: NYPD persecuting the innocent, MJ’s chimp and 1970s sterilisation

A retro flair imbues Richard Jackson’s Long Reads this week, with NYPD abuse of minorities, MJ’s chimp, Bubbles, and forced sterilisation techniques.


Long Reads: Jury duty, celebrity journalists, questionable legal tactics

Richard Jackson’s Long Reads this week showcases the reality of jury duty, the vacuousness of celebrity and the tactics of a polarising litigator.

Long Reads: War correspondence, inequality, Eddy Crane

Ah, Sunday again, Richard Jackson’s Long Reads faces cold cases, war correspondence and the position of the black man in US society.

Long Reads: Van Gogh, nationalism, Ferguson riots

The mind of van Gogh, a Romanian trying to escape stereotype and the cop who sparked the Ferguson riots, in this week’s Long Reads from Rich Jackson.

Long Reads: Poverty and last resort motels, Republican candidates, idiocy

Richard Jackson’s Long Reads introduces a little-known Presidential candidate and showcases people in poverty living in cheap motels (and the fact we’re all idiots).

Long Reads: Sepp Blatter, the Clintons, Russia’s news manipulation

Richard Jackson’s weekly #longreads: the journalist who undid Sepp Blatter, Russia’s distortion of the news and the Clinton’s $2 billion global empire.

Long Reads: Bernie Sanders, the Unclimbables, Shia in Iraq

Rich Jackson’s weekly #longreads: how the press ended Bernie Sanders’ run for presidency, the unclimbables of north-west Canada, and the two-facedness of ISIS and revival of Shia in Iraq.

Long Reads: Tesla, radioactive waste, animal protection and Mong La

From Tesla and SpaceX to animal protection endangering humans, Rich Jackson presents TBS readers the internet’s #longreads worth reading this week.

Long Reads: FIFA, Mothers Day, preppers and the law

Rich Jackson’s weekly #longreads, on this Mothers Day covering Sepp Blatter and FIFA, suburban “preppers” awaiting our doom, holes in the law and a reluctant PB on Mothers Day.

Long Reads: Austerity, “affluenza,” Murdoch and coyotes…

Austerity, “affluenza” and power and its abuse form Rich Richard Jackson’s weekly #longreads this weekend. The only relief is in a coyote invasion of NYC – oh, ps: #coyoteinvasionofNYC!

Long Reads: Chomsky, Alzheimers, HBO and extreme Catholicism

In Richard Jackson weekend #longreads you’ll get Noam Chomsky on the media today, the issue of sexual consent and Alzheimer’s, from HBO to Netflix and a dose of extreme Catholicism.

Long Reads: Anzac, uranium, genetics and the supernatural

In this week’s #LongReads, Rich Jackson brings us Douglas Grant the Aboriginal Anzac, introduces some #SCIENCE in “Do genetics determine your life?” and PB gets app kooky with “the other side”…