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Don’t blame Queensland for the election, it’s not our fault

Don’t blame Queensland for the election, it’s not our fault

Those who hail from Queensland are being uniformly panned for swinging the election. But wanting to cleave the state from the continent merely illuminates a lack of knowledge. Let me school you.

Current Affairs Wrap: US shoots itself in the foot, Joyce peaces out, Dominos orgasmic new direction

Dearie me, what a week. Barnaby Joyce finally fell on his sword, America hid behind a gun and one pizza empire got surprisingly smutty.

Current Affairs Wrap: Middle East close to war, Hanson takes on Dastyari, and man escapes gas chamber with own brand

It’s been a rather violent week, punctuated by the abuse of Sam Dastyari, assumed peace in the Middle East and the prohibitive standards of decorum.


Choke point: What the Adani conversation should be

The Adani issue has been discussed from so many angles, we tend to lose sight of the bigger picture, and indeed what we can do about it.

One Nation

One Nation’s clear and present danger to the conservative establishment

The second edition of One Nation is not to be confused with the first, for Pauline’s new approach is a threat not only to the Left but also those who represent conservatism in this country.