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The Greens: A lesser of two evils, or more of the same?

The Greens: A lesser of two evils, or more of the same?

I might be a Greens voter, but I know that serious scandal sits just below the surface. If they’re truly the empathetic choice, they need to address it.

Current Affairs Wrap: World loses Avicii, banking commission strikes, twelvie flees to Bali

It was a week that brought us many horrible things. Headlined by the schadenfreude the bank commission enabled.


Current Affairs Wrap: Aus shootings surge, Brexit backpedal, Seagal gets Russian citizenship

The week that was saw the Brexit bomb, Australia pained by shootings, Scott Ludlam take leave to address mental health and Steven Seagal given Russian citizenship from ol’ buddy Vlad.

Current Affairs Wrap: Trump v Cuba, Greens v Pauline, arrest over French fries

Oh, the week that was. Everything old is new again. Pauline Hanson, the Cold War and someone hitting the law where they don’t like it – in the stomach.

Medicinal marijuana: Time to remove the stigma

With the legalisation of medicinal marijuana ever closer, Rob Idol says it’s time to focus on the health benefits, not the assumed stigma.