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While you were asleep: Donald will now cage everyone, Russia’s Russian narrative, Chicken Alfredo and jail

Well. This morning Donald Trump listened to criticism, the World Cup in Russia went the full borscht and ‘Chicken Alfredo and Sprite’ entered the lexicon.     Donald reverses his ‘caged kids’ border policy, promises to let everyone in. This morning, the masked figure of empathy swung through the windows of the White House, vice

Current Affairs Wrap: Roseanne’s exit, One Nation split in twain, man who filled tub with potatoes

Lordy doo, what a week. Roseanne Barr overdosed on stupidity, One Nation split in two and one man filled a bathtub with spuds, because drugs.

Australia’s refugee crisis and the woman in the red bikini who jumped the queue

In the late 1970s, Australia was dithering on whether to allow those escaping Vietnam and Cambodia to resettle here. However, while this was happening, one woman in a bikini managed to jump the queue.