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Michael Flynn’s conviction: Just another empty Russiagate bombshell

Michael Flynn’s conviction: Just another empty Russiagate bombshell

It seems odd that Michael Flynn being charged over Russiagate has already shifted to the backburner, right? Well, I’m not that surprised.

Terrible political change, what is it good for? Well, art, actually

As we watch Zimbabwe tear itself apart, our extended history indicates that the worse things get, the better the art we produce becomes.

Current Affairs Wrap: North Korea touches Japan, Postal survey kicks off, South Park hacks Amazon

Welcome back to another week of your life that you won’t be getting back. But don’t think about that, North Korea has launched warheads over Japan.

The mainstream media has no business bitching about conspiracy theories

Conspiracy theories exist largely because of mainstream media’s lies. So when that same media admonishes the theorists, it’s a case of the pot calling the kettle suspect.


Current Affairs Wrap: Trump’s Presidential moment, Barnaby’s media gaffe and an Oscars to remember

As far as weeks go, it was fairly tame. Trump gave a Presidential speech coated in platitudes, Barnaby Joyce was burnt by the limelight and there was a catastrophic snafu at the Oscars. Standard.

Current Affairs Wrap: Trump v Cuba, Greens v Pauline, arrest over French fries

Oh, the week that was. Everything old is new again. Pauline Hanson, the Cold War and someone hitting the law where they don’t like it – in the stomach.

Foreign policy: Predicting the path of the US war machine

The US foreign policy stereotype of “Democrats: good, Republicans: bad” is dead; so who’d be the most destabilising? And no, it’s not who you think – Nicholas Harrington