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Current Affairs Wrap: Sulayman Khalid, Tony for women, Scott Morrison and US cops

With Christmas done and dusted, Michael Burrill drags us back into current affairs: Sulayman Khalid’s arrest, Scott Morrison’s “kind” shuffle into social services and US cops putting their feet in every possible thing.


Current Affairs Wrap: Ferguson, ABC cuts, coalition of common sense, the Middle East and refugees

Michael Burrill updates TBS on the world’s news, from Ferguson to Israel, PUP and our larrikin Libs in this week’s Current Affairs Wrap.

Kevin Andrews

Current Affairs Wrap: Kevin Andrews, Team Australia and another Coalition of the willing…

Kevin Andrews, Minister for Social Services, apparently couldn’t cope with a venue change for the World Congress of Families conference – a bit rude, maybe, given he was their “Natural Family Man of the Year”…