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Current Affairs Wrap: America shot up (again), our strawberry needle points, Donald’s mushroom prong

Ah, the week we survived. America registered the crack of gun violence, strawberried needles became the pre-eminent topic in Australia and we became intimately familiar with Donald’s member.

Current Affairs Wrap: Trump’s Nobel nom, Telstra take down 000, pupper saved from drain by drone

Well, fudge. It’s been a week of insanity, as Donald Trump was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, the emergency services hotline came down with a bout of the Telstras and one rad dude saved one rad dog.

Current Affairs Wrap: Trump’s latest affair, Facebook faces dock, ball tampering fallout

Yet more details of Donald Trump’s affair, Facebook’s murky morals and the next step for Cricket Australia highlights the week that was. Hoo-boy.