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#AusPol winners and losers: I (18) see you baby, shaking that…

#AusPol winners and losers: I (18) see you baby, shaking that…

Well, much like Highlander, there could only be one… One #AusPol topic this week, that is, as 18C drunkenly steered RMS Political Discourse awry.


Current Affairs Wrap: Berlin Christmas attacker closure, Leia’s trip to the dark side and our take on the tinsel

Merry Christmas to you and yours. For those looking for a dash of reality on the grandest day of all, here’s what happened in the week that was.

So 2016: Europe’s march against NATO

With the general consensus in Europe being suspicion toward the US, they’ve started quietly forming their own combined army via a joint bank account.

CAW: Terror in Europe, Shorten fails at eating a sausage, motivational speech backfires

Europe once again heard the doorbell of terrorism on its doorstep, the UK continues to get worse post Brexit, and Australia voted, but we don’t have a leader.