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Long Reads: War correspondence, inequality, Eddy Crane

Long Reads: War correspondence, inequality, Eddy Crane

Ah, Sunday again, Richard Jackson’s Long Reads faces cold cases, war correspondence and the position of the black man in US society.


Long Reads: Anti-Semitism, plastic surgery, AA and pigeons in NYC

A mixed bag, as Rich Jackson kicks off this week’s #LongReads with anti-Semitism in Europe, covers plastic surgery in South Korea and the flaws in AA…plus PB’s weekly narrative.ly pick: pigeons in Brooklyn.

Hillary Clinton

Long Reads: Bryan Stevenson, Manus, Hillary Clinton and IS

Rich Jackson fights his own “Clinton rage” as he profiles Among the Hillary Haters, a piece about Hillary Clinton and the rocky 2016 US Presidential Road ahead, as part of this week’s Long Reads.

Zoey Tur

Long Reads: Zoey Tur, the American Military, concentration camps and ganja mama

Rich Jackson’s long reads consider Zoey Tur and gender dysphoria and take us deep inside the US military…PB’s editor’s choice is about a mother’s marijuana dealer past #wackybaccymama


Long Reads: Jesus wife, NGO’s, the real Lolita and the Underground Home

We’re generally a charitable bunch, right? Then read, Rich Jackson’s #fivestar Long Read of the week which calls into question NGO’s and how to fix the issues with them.

Long Reads: Pierre Omidyar, a whodunit, not working, Zombie economics and pot

Rich Jackson with this week’s Long Reads: capitalism-gone-bad, eBay’s Pierre Omidyar and national security, a whodunit, pot smoking and unfulfilling jobs.

George Zimmerman

Long Reads: George Zimmerman, nuns, Morantz and Los Zetas

Rich Jackson starts this week’s Long Reads with George Zimmerman and ends with an encounter with the Mexican mafia, Los Zetas…via a nun brewing beers, of course.