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Voices in the media disappeared long before 2019

Voices in the media disappeared long before 2019

It may seem like we’re now waging war on journalists, but the marginalisation of meaningful voices in the media works on a far longer timeline.


Art As Catharsis: Independent music label joins National Film and Sound Archive

We chat with independent music label Art As Catharsis about entering Australia’s National Film and Sound Archive, the importance of artistic expression and the state of Australian music.


The week in media: 12th May

Each week, we will look at industry news curated by MediaScope. This week we look at the winners of the proposed media ownership changes in Australia, the risk local journalism faces and how we can save it.


The week in media: 17th March 2017

Every Friday, The Big Smoke looks at industry news curated by MediaScope. This week we look at the five trends to watch in 2017, the successful company that moved its digital to AI and a reality check for those who love social media.

Long Reads: Austerity, “affluenza,” Murdoch and coyotes…

Austerity, “affluenza” and power and its abuse form Rich Richard Jackson’s weekly #longreads this weekend. The only relief is in a coyote invasion of NYC – oh, ps: #coyoteinvasionofNYC!

Long Reads: Anzac, uranium, genetics and the supernatural

In this week’s #LongReads, Rich Jackson brings us Douglas Grant the Aboriginal Anzac, introduces some #SCIENCE in “Do genetics determine your life?” and PB gets app kooky with “the other side”…

Long reads: Men’s rights, black site torture, MH370 and private performances

Torture is the theme of Rich Jackson’s Long Reads this week; from law enforcement, to opinions on MH370’s whereabouts, to stories shared in and of “the manosphere.”

Hillary Clinton

Long Reads: Bryan Stevenson, Manus, Hillary Clinton and IS

Rich Jackson fights his own “Clinton rage” as he profiles Among the Hillary Haters, a piece about Hillary Clinton and the rocky 2016 US Presidential Road ahead, as part of this week’s Long Reads.

Long Reads: Online churches, Tel Aviv bus station, the “good” war and shoe modelling

Rich Jackson’s Weekly Long Reads: 18 hours in Tel Aviv’s bus station, the online churches, the myth of the “good” war and PB’s Editor’s choice – being a shoe model…


Long Reads: The volunteer superhero, human rights, the environment and death

Rich Jackson’s Long Reads this week bring us a superhero in NYC, mortician Caleb Wilde on death, Eric Posner’s case against human rights and Mike Seccombe on the environment.

Long Reads: Koch Brothers, health, asylum seekers and NYC in the fast food lane

This week’s long reads by Rich Jackson feature the evil empire of the Koch Brothers, a health warning, Australia’s ongoing asylum seeker shame and fast, like REAL fast, food in NYC.