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Life hacks for the dead: What you won’t be saying in Europe

Life hacks for the dead: What you won’t be saying in Europe

Backpacking is a societal construct filled with disappointment and failed sexual conquest. So, for those of you keen on Europe, here’s what’ll be on your mind. Sort of.


While you were asleep: Cops rob memes, Japan’s luxury train, more nuclear threats

It was an evening thin on logic. Local police unearthed a meme stash, Japan launched an opulent train and North Korea made yet more nuclear threats. Go back to sleep. You’re dreaming. Sleeeeeeep.

Rome: Finding your mortality in the eternal city

Rome remains one of Europe’s most romantic cities, however, under the cobblestone beats a heart of something else entirely, for it may live on, but you will not.

Kidnap and ransom: The third world’s growing industry

Kidnap and hostage taking in disputed zones has become big business, and it is now an industry that affects all walks of life.


“Out There” Summit a jape on Western Sydney

The recent “Out There” Summit tied up the development of Western Sydney as an attractive bow on the unwanted gift that is Badgery’s Creek Airport.