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Klaus Schwab: The man who connects the dots

Klaus Schwab: The man who connects the dots

Creator of the World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab is a subscriber to the stakeholder theory, where every company is responsible for the society around them. But is it pipe-dream altruism, or the way forward?

Rebekah Brown: A sanitary mind to solve water treatment

Keeping water sources clean has been a problem our species has always faced, however, Australian Rebekah Brown has an ingenious and easily applicable solution, especially in the third world. Genius.


Yuval Noah Harari: Modern history’s Nostradamus

Yuval Noah Harari is a dangerous thinker. In charting our recent past, he suggests the future will be one of technology, where we tear down religion and honour ourselves.

The Rockefeller who tore down the empire

Valerie Rockefeller is a divisive, transformative figure, as she’s shifting from the fossil fuels that made her family rich to renewables. But, is it a move to secure the environment, or the next income stream?