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The submission process for The Big Smoke

TBS is first and foremost a platform for ideas and opinions.

Since the concept of The Big Smoke was conceived, writers – especially emerging ones – made it clear that they were longing for a balanced and dynamic platform through which to have their work exhibited. This validated for us that TBS was needed in Australia and needed now.

We at TBS are after one thing, and one thing only – fine, edgy, opinion writing. It doesn’t have to be grandiose – some of our favourite articles are under-the-radar pieces that resonate with the lives we all have. But we also like big articles – pieces that deal with the pressing questions of our age. 

If your piece is simply an angry rant without substance, then perhaps we are not the platform for you. Our readers are smart, switched on, sophisticated and don’t have lots of time. So, we want writers who grab readers from the first word and leave them changed. You can be an absolute a-hole and that’s fine with us, because we’re not here to tell you what to think. 

Please pitch to us first to editor@thebigsmoke.com.au. Pitches should be succinct but informative, giving a clear scope to your intended work. A small paragraph per idea should do it. If we like it, we’ll let you know. 

After submitting an article, we will require you to sign our licensing form and email us the following: a headshot (in JPEG format), a twitter username (if applicable) and a 2-3 line bio in the third person. (Please note: if your article has been accepted, and you have submitted the ‘Licence to publish form’, there is still no guarantee of publication)

We’re looking for 600-800 word articles (or thereabouts). Please format articles in Times font, 1.5 spacing and in DOC or DOCX format. No photographs are required unless negotiated with the editor.

Content submitted must fall within the Terms and Conditions for all users of The Big Smoke. If you are looking for financial remuneration, please note we have a small budget and will consider payment on a case by case payment. Payment terms are at the discretion of the Editor and are final. If payment terms are agreed to, please note our terms are that payment shall be made 45 business days from the publishing date of the content. 

A special note to illustrators: We want you too!

 Email editor @ thebigsmoke.com.au

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